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My Daily Routine As A SAHM To A One Year Old

Kaise Karti Hain aap !

Wow ! You must be a super woman !

Is it easy managing a household With a baby ?

How do you make time for blogging?

How do you ?



These are the questions I hear on a daily basis.

People assume , on seeing my Instagram stories (oops ) , that I am some sort of a domestic goddess who has got it all figured out whereas in reality I am barely making it through the day. Just kidding 😉 , if that were true you wouldn’t be reading this post.

But of course I am no super woman and my mother would happily label me as a sloth , yet you would find my home looking fairly presentable , food cooked , and Beturaani and myself looking like good humans. All of this is made possible by the grace of Allah SWT and the MIGHTY INTERNET (let’s leave that for another post , shall we ?) .

I also blog when my Beturaani mood allows , yes part of being a mother is to work around your child’s mood , naps , tantrums and waggaira. Anyways , let’s jump into my daily routine with a one year old.





“For god’s sake !!!!! Yaar band Karo alarm !!!!”

Most of the mornings I jump to a jolt not by the screech of my alarm but by my husband’s frustrated plea after bearing with the alarm for the umpteenth time.

I am trying to get up early these days but it’s still a work in progress and i now manage to get up at somewhere around 9:15 am to 9:30 am. Waking up at this humanly hour is also a challenge because my daughter still doesn’t sleep through the night and on many days stays up till 3 am. But since my maid comes at 10 am sharp I try to get in my breakfast, a little bit of me time and house dusting before she comes.

So yeah , that’s basically how my morning starts and after downing an anda paratha or oatmeal (if I feel like eating extra healthy ), I have a HUUUUGE mug of chai with a dose of my favourite YouTube channel and only then do I really feel awake and ready to take on the day.

My daughter wakes up at around 11:30 to 12:00 pm and I utilize all the time before she wakes up to clean , cook , do laundry or whatever it is that needs to be done. And since I am a next level procrasinator and a self proclaimed sloth I still end up having a whole lot of work remaining when my daughter wakes up.

TIP : post becoming a mother I have realized that routines work better than schedules .

Once my little darling is up I nurse her , cuddle with her and recite some morning Duas while she nurses. Then she will enjoy some cuddles with her father while I run around like a headless chicken trying to get some chores done or make a farmaishi nashta for hubby.

After that a shower for the little gulab jamun is followed by some independent feeding . My daughter , LITERALLY hates being fed so I usually give her fruit wedges to munch on or some boiled egg or an anda paratha roll.

If I am lucky and not on a house cleaning spree I get free by most of my work around Zuhr prayers. I let betu paly around me while I offer prayers and squeeze in some Quran recitation.

A few snacks and a little play /reading time later betu finally dozes off. I really try to make her sleep by around 4:30- 5 pm because that minimizes the chance of potential evening nap and saves us from an absurdly late bed time.


This is the time when I get to party. Woohoo.

I shower , I Instagram , I binge watch on YouTube , and I rest/blog/craft/work depending on what I am feeling like on a given day.


Now when Beturaani wakes up we almost repeat our morning routine and then I give her something to eat while I have chai and biscuit. Ahhhhhhh!!! What a luxury!!!

Then I read to her , after which a we do a 15- 20 min walk in our balcony and home , watch the birds , read some more , and then we do a session of learn+play. In our learn+ play session I plan out activities that help in her growth , development and learning ,followed by some open ended play , acting silly and lots of cuddles and giggles.

Then i let her play on her car or just roam around while I get some more work done and get ready for dinner.

Hubby usually comes at 10 to 11 , and post dinner I let betu spend time with her father while I clean up the mess.

Our night time routine follows after that which involves a wipe down and change , some oil massage , Duas and reading.and then it’s up to her when she decides to sleep , we just turn off the lights and wait . Hehehe 🤭.

So that’s basically how a usual day in my life goes.

Let me know what you would like to know more or read more about on the comments below . And I would love to know about your routine too ❤️



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