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My Top Tips For Preventing Burnout As A SAHM

Ahhhh there is no joy greater than being a mother, and nothing causes burnout faster than being a mother – especially if you are a stay at home mom.

Life as a SAHM often feels like a race against time; do the dishes before the baby wakes up, make the bed before hubby comes out of shower, clean the house before the guests arrive, write a blog post before the little one is up and dancing on your nerves…..

And can we please talk about the mess that is constant, the terrible tantrums and the constant demand of your presence everywhere, everytime and for every one. Trust me I would have had pulled my hair and gotten bald by now. But thankfully (for my husband), two years down and I still have hair on my head, though the volume had quite lessened ever since motherhood struck me hard.

Since I am quite generous and don’t want any of my mommy friends to get bald any time soon, Here are some of my BEST KEPT SECRETS for staying happy, productive and preventing burnout as a SAHM.

Plan It Like You Mean It

Nothing had helped me more than planning everything from showers to oiling sesh to meal prep to weekly activities before hand. On a fine Sunday morning /afternoon when everybody is busy snoring and sleeping in, get out your planner/notebook and sit down to plan the week.

Cut The Clutter

The less the things you accumulate, the less decision fatigue you have to go through and the less mess to sort through. Once every three months I purge through clothes, toys, makeup and the sort and giveaway things that don’t spark joy (pun intended). Our wardrobes are minimalist and we invest in toys that can help in educational development. The biggest advantage of this approach is that we are able to save money for vacations and other luxuries, so yay to that 🎉

Move Your Body

I never tell people to exercise because it sounds so boring and sometimes so unpractical as a new mom. What I do recommend is moving your body as much as you can. How we do it, you ask? Well I play football with my daughter, we take turns running after each other and play hide and seek together, sometimes we just stroll in the balcony and count our steps. That’s what you call killing two birds with one stone – you bond with your kiddo and you get to burn some calories too and end up enjoying on the glow of your happy hormones. That’s a win win.

Solid Routines Are The Way To Go

There is nothing better than knowing the structure of your day. Instead of just running like a headless chicken all day round after my kiddo, I switched to effective routines to help me stay sane. Its also a great way to let your little one know what to expect. Mornings are usually dedicated to home chores so we try to encourage independent play, afternoons are for lunch and naps, in evenings we play and do activities and post dinner it’s time with Baba.

Meal Prep Is Key

Life has become so much easier ever since I started meal prepping. I get so much more me time, cooking no longer takes hours and hours and cleanup is speedier. Preparing a batch of tomato masala, having ginger garlic paste stored in the freezer, freezing homemade kebabs and chapattis have all been life savior, and I highly recommend meal prepping if you don’t already do it.

Get Dressed Sweetie

I know PJS are comfy and that mom bun feels great, but here is the thing – when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you get more done and make the hubby feel good too. Take out a couple of minutes to slip into your nice, daytime clothes, slide on a lipstick and put on some jewellery. Trust me you will feel better than you ever did.

Invest In Yourself

Quite often we, as mothers, abandon our dreams and goals amidst the chaos of life. Its OK to take a break if you need it, but you should never stop growing, learning and shining. Invest in courses that help you get better at what you do, learn new skills, teach what you have learnt. Don’t stay stagnant. Keep growing, keep learning, and remain exciting to your partner.

Mommy Needs To Party

Meeting friends, getting dressed up for a day out with your girlfriends, talking and connecting ;all release happy hormones that are bound to make you stay elated for the rest of the week. Remember self care is not selfish and leaving your kids in safe company and going out to meet your friends isn’t something you should feel ashamed for. Go out, party and have fun.

Bring On The Date Nights

Having kids should never mean that your relationship with your partner should suffer. Keep the spark alive by dressing up for your husband, showing random gestures of love, and surprising him with date nights. This would not just a ke you feel good about yourself but also keep your bae happy.

Spend More Time With Yourself

There is solace on solitude; the quiet moments of the morning where you sip your tea and journal are priceless. Spending time with yourself is as important as spending time with anyone else. Those moments of solitude indulging in doing things you love, reconnecting with yourself helps you recharge and rejuvenate like nothing else.

I hope these tips help keep your head full and heart even fuller.


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