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5 Things I Do Daily To Bond With My Toddler

Life is crazy hectic for me these days and this may sound a little weird since it’s coming from a sahm.
But when you are a sahm who lives by her own in her quaint little cottage , you know you got to do the laundry when the baby sleeps , sing nursery rhymes in the shower and iron in the dark. And oh, I almost forgot to mention the most dreaded task – cooking. Ya Allah !!!! How much I detest it !!!
So balancing the weight all the chores on my now-not-so-nazuk shoulders is a task on itself and carving out time to bond with my baby CAN become a little bit of challenge.
But there are 5 things that I do on a daily basis to strengthen my bond with my child, and that you can do too without compromising on a shower or clean home.

Walk , walk , walk

I want some fresh air , I wanna lose some postpartum weight , I wanna pick up the mess and I wanna play with my child
How do you get all of that done in one go ????
You do that by walking with your little one all around your house.
As part of our morning and evening routine , we do a 15- 20 minute walking session where we see the birds , pick up the mess from around the house , talk about the things we see and burn some calories.

Applause your child.

I am pretty big on celebrating my one year Old ’s Every little acheivement , be it learning to walk or learning to greet or learning to hand over things I make sure I clap and dance around to celebrate our big little moments. Acknowledgment ,be it for kids or adults , boosts confidence and tells the person being acknowledged that every little step they take , their every little acheivement matters.

Eat with your child

If you don’t want your child to be a picky eater feed them what you eat. And if you want to bond with your child , have meals with them. Having your lunch with your one year old might not be the most ideal thing and it can turn into a somewhat messy affair , but it saves time , it ensures that your child gets some food in their tummy , and is also great to teach sharing. As for having some peaceful meal time for myself , I usually restrict that to my chai session.

Do chores with them

It may seem a bit too early to involve your one year old into chores but children are highly observant creatures and they mimic what they see. So the next time you are folding laundry let your child play explore and play around you. The best thing about involving your child on your chores is that you get most of your work done in their waking hours so when they nap you get some time off to chill. The only con is that everything takes half as much the time. But tbh I don’t mind it that much as long as I get to party once my daughter dozes off.

Read , read and read some more.

Reading has soo many benefits but none can beat the warm fuzzy feeling that you feel when you snuggle and cuddle together to read a book. On most of the days I try to incorporate 15-20 minutes of reading in the morning , evening and night time.

And that my friends is how we bond on a daily basis . Tell me how you bond with your children?

Love,The Inspired Ammi

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