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How To Style Your Hijab With Zero Effort

Being a hijabi mom means often rushing with the hijab and just barely tucking it around your now potato face by the time you reach the door. So complicated layered styles that require standing in front of the mirror for hours with your inexperienced self are an absolute no no. But what about looking presentable? What about that darling husband wanting for his wife in the car? But then what about the wailing time, the honking horn and zero time????

Well I am here to share my  top tips on how you can style your Hijab, look presnetable with minimal accessories, and  charm your husband without spending too much time or getting late.

Buy hijabs that do the work for you

I know plain cotton, tassle free hijabs are breathable, convenient and easy to throw on and don’t get on the way of your kiddo. But I suggest investing in some pretty hijabs that look fabulous with zero styling. I recently got myself a few beauties from the hijab shop, I badly needed new scarves and there was a sale going on so it was a match made in heaven.

The pretty pink is a beautiful crinkle silk hijab. Crinkle hijabs in beautiful pastel colours are great for both casual and formal events. The texture does the talking and you need no additional styling to make it pop. Pastel colours in crinkle are a great choice since they accentuate the texture.

The pretty printed viscose Hijab in bright mustard and teal is just what you need for that impromptu day out. It’s quick to wrap around, the colors and prints keeps you looking effortlessly stylish with zeo effort

This foil printed scarf works great for evening parties and date nights. With a bit of eyeliner and a bold lipstick toy are ready to make his heart sway in this pretty hijab.

The sequined Hijab was specifically brought for the purpose of utilising it for weddings and date nights. It’s bold, beautiful and doesn’t need anything else to bring it to life. It’s the kind of hijab that makes you look good with whatever you are wearing, though a little makeup never hurts.

Invest in some pretty brooches

Yes you don’t have time for those beautiful hijab styles but you can oomph up your everyday hijab with a nice brooch. There are a lot of pretty brooches available and  @wrappedinstyle has some really pretty ones. So instead of using those boring old straight pins put on a pretty pin and instantly take your look up a notch.

Statement necklaces for the win

Going out with bae….. And baby??? I am sure you are pinched for time. But here’s the trick to  instantly lift your look – pair your pretty hijab with a bold statement necklace. Takes zero time and takes your look from casual to formal in a second. I personally suggest pearl necklace and layered gold ones.

The five minute make up trick

The maybelline fit me foundation is my favourite I really can’t live without it and I love looking sleek when I go out so here’s a little trick of mine that helps me look polished in no time. In my bathroom vanity I have a little pouch with my favourite maybelline foundation, a lipstick, eyeliner, eye pencil and lip and cheek tint – basically the essentials. So I am done washing and moisturising I quickly pat on the foundation and glide the lipstick if the bathroom door doesn’t start knocking I would go ahead and apply eyeliner and kohl too, and there we go, all done in a jiffy. This is also a great trick to pull yourself together before hubby comes home.

A spritz from heaven

When you have time for nothing else just spritz on some wonderful fragrance and step out with your chin up and lips smiling, and you look amazing darling.

That’s a wrap for today, I hope you found it useful. I would be the happiest if you would like, share, comment.

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