My Top Instagram Growth Secrets

Hey peeps!!! How are you all doing???  Is the IG algorithm treating you good enough??? I bet its not and I am here to help.
Before i became a WordPress blogger, I started with insta blogging. I still do spend a looot of my precious time that I could have just used for partying creating content for Instagram. It’s fun-the insta life, daily stories and everyday Shenanigans. But a few hundred followers strong and you began worrying about the numbers. It’s natural, more so for small biz owners and entrepreneurs than for the occasional blogger. So how do you grow your Instagram account, get more followers, have an engaged audience????

Start with a Theme

Instagram is a visual platform and so the first thing a visitor looks at is how aesthetically appealing is your feed. Whether you post photos or graphics, sticking to a uniform and aesthetically pleasing theme  can turn a casual viwer into a follower.

Post Consistently

The more you post the more followers you get. This is partially true. In your Initial days of starting a blog posting multiple times a day might help, but Remember people are here for quality content. So once you develop an audience, stick to a posting schedule, churn out quality content and be consistent. I suggest post  twice a week and keep up with daily stories.

Use the relevant hashtags

Your posting frequency wouldn’t do you much good if you aren’t using relevant hashtags. You can use upto 30 hashtags and I suggest putting the opportunity to full use. My Top tip : have almost 15 hashtags that you always use saved in your notes, and for the rest 15 keep switching them up with respect to your content. This keeps the Algorithm thinking and shows your content to a wider variety of audience.

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No I don’t mean getting hitched, though you should if you must. What I mean here is liking, commenting and sharing other people’s posts, especially bloggers in your Niche. Keep looking for new accounts in your Niche and hashtag you follow and engage with them, thus is a surefire way to increase your follower count.

Experiment with content

Keep things fresh by experimenting with your content. Make use of carousels, if stories, video posts and igtv to increase your viewership and audience.

The stories are everything

Share meaningful content on stories, use relevant hadhatags in your stories and engage with audience with fun polls and questions. Remember stories have a greater viewership than posts so IG stories are a wonderful way to attract more audience.


Nothing brings in more followers than collaboration with other bloggers. You literally attract their followers to your feed. So collaborate on stories, guest posts, if takeover with other bloggers and see a boost in your followers.

AND that my friends is a wrap. I hope you found these tips helpful and I would be over the moon if you would like, comment and share this post.

The Inspired Ammi

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