How To Start Preparing For Ramadan

Ramadan series

It’s the blessed month of Rajab and we are less than 45 days from Ramadan. How exciting!!!!! I can almost hear the drummer man waking up the folks for suhoor, the peaceful fragrance of Tahajjud, the pleasant chirping of the birds right before they fly home at the time of iftar. Its something about the month of Rajab that gets me into a spiritual high for Ramadan. Sadly though, ever since marriage and motherhood happened life got too busy and the essence of Ramadan disappeared somewhere amidst the hours in kitchen and mom duties. This year however I have decided to enter Ramadan in its spirit and make the most of the blessed month. I intend to do this by preparing for Ramadan from this month, Rajab, the month of sowing the seeds. And I am going to take you along in my Ramadan preparation through this three part post series to help you get everyone in the Ramadan spirit, create a spiritual environment in your home, lessen your burden and truly have a life changing and spiritually enlightening Ramadan Inshallah.

Create a Ramadan Countdown

One of the things that has helped us get into the spirit of Ramadan as a family is creating a Ramadan Countdown. Each day we write down the days until Ramadan on our wipe down frame and feel our excitement increasing. It also pushes us working harder on our Ramadan goals and set the right examples for our kids.

What do you want to accomplish this Ramadan

I am all about setting goals. I think that goal setting helps you accomplish your goals. So this year I have made a list of all the things I want to accomplish this Ramadan wrt my spiritual well being and then I write down the steps 8 need to start taking to accomplish those goals. For instance, I want to make Quran reading a part of my daily life and I am trying to do this by reading a rukoo day. I am also trying to offer my Prayers on time and for that I have started using a salah tracker. Remember, little steps go a long way.

Get into the habit of Ibaadah

Ramadan is the month when the rewards. You get for each good deed are multiplied. It is the month of focusing on as much ibaadah as is humanly possible for you. But you can’t suddenly expect to just click into an Ibaadah routine as soon as the first day of Ramadan starts. Start from now. Start with offering prayers on time, get into the habit of dhikr and daily Quran recitations.

Bring on some Ramadan festivity

I have found that as a family putting on some festive Ramadan decor always helps everyone get in the spirit of the blessed months. My favourite ways to add some Ramadan festivity in our house usually includes putting up lots and lots of garlands, pretty Ramadan prints and getting out some of my favourite tableware in the spirit of the month.

Start creating a menu for Ramadan

You may feel like it’s too early to start meal planning but trust me when I say you can never start too early. I prefer to utilise the month of Rajab for all kinds of recipe discovery, menu making and meal planning so that I am completely free in the month I’d shaaban to focus on my spiritual well being and ibaadah.

Make a Ramadan plan

When you fail to plan you plan to fail. Cliché but true. Setting Ramadan goals helps you get in the minset of achieving and accomplishing. You can’t really just expect to go with the flow. Be it starting with daily recitation of 1 Juz or starting to offer prayers on timw ;Setting small realistic goals that you can continue after Ramadan is the way to go.

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