The Mommy’s ‘S Guide To Making It Through COVID-19

With COVID-19 being declared as pandemic by the World health organisation panic had increased considerably. Schools have been shut down, social Distancing has been advised and family outing have come to a halt.

For Moms the COVID-19 pandemic brings a whole lot of new challenges. I, for instance, have been worried to death about keeping my family safe, making sure no one catches the virus, instilling a habit of frequent hand washing and coming up with various different activities to keep frustrations at bay.

Which is why I have created a free guide for all mommies like me to lessen the panic and becoming informed. This guide contains steps you can take to prevent spreading /catching the virus, activities you can do at home with your kids and self care practices to nourish you.

Claim your free MAKING IT THROUGH COVID-19 MOMMY’S GUIDE below and stay safe.

Much regards,

The Inspired Ammi.

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