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My Top 5 Hacks For Small Closet Organisation

I have a thing for small, quaint little cottages ;the one with picket fence and bougainvillea leaves draped over its stoney walls, little ducks waddling in those tiny ponds and lemon trees swaying in the delightful summer breeze. These quaint little cottages have the perfect romantic vibes for any hopeless romantic like me. Sadly though once the romance starts picking up pace and your family starts growing into a football team you realize you have almost no space at all. The once quaint little cottage begans to start feeling like a cluttered mess. Especially the wardrobe!!!! Oh god!!! The wardrobes!!!

So quaint little cottage or not, today I am bringing for you my Top Five hacks for small closet organization that have been our saving grace.

Spark joy or not

I am sure your wardrobe is filled with clothes that you have lovingly held on for ages more due to an emotional attachment or price tag than due to actual love for the piece. No worries, I have done that too until we completely ran out of wardrobe space. With the corona virus we all have too much time on our hands, let’s use this time constructively and purge our closets from all the stuff that no longer sparks joy.(grab my free MOMMY’S GUIDE TO SURVING THE COVID-19 Here)

Invest in A Hanging Organizer

I recently got myself one organizer by relaxsit from daraz and fell so much in love that I ordered two more. Now everything seems to be in place and organised. Yes, mess does happen but its a contained mess that is easier to sort through than the closet-overflowing kinda mess.

Make use of the doors

Once upon a time I used to think the best way to utilise empty space on the back side of wardrobe doors was by putting up pretty looking quotes. Times have changed now and with a growing family all empty spaces are seen as an opportunity for storage. I recently got myself a pocket organizer that can be conveniently hung on a door hook. And it’s been such a life saver!! All our random knick knacks, daughter’s accessories, and miscellaneous stuff now has a place. Definitely recommend it!!

Upgrade Your Hangers

We have now upgraded to scarf hangers, Pant hangers and hanger stackers to save space. And trust me when I say that you need to upgrade your hangers to create more space. Now all our pants our in one place in a line and only on one hanger, instead of multiple ones. The scarf search is made easier with the scarf organize. While the hanger stackers help save space by stacking all hubby’s shirts in one straight line, leaving room for more clothes.

Get a basket

Who knew baskets can have a place other than sweet little picnics. Well they do!!! And that too in your wardrobe!!!. Using baskets to segment and organize our clothing items has made life so much easier. My shirts rolled up in one basket, his tees in another, daughter’s accessories in yet another, and everything seems so organised and chic.

Hope you found these tips helpful..
The Inspired Ammi.

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