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30 Activities You Can Do Together As A Family During Quarantine

Hey there!!! How are you all doing???. I can pretty much understand the frustration and panic that you all must be going through due to being quarantined in your homes. But here is something we all need to understand ; we need to #stayhome so that we can flatten the curve, so that our doctors can come home, so that we can fight the corona virus together. Of course it’s only natural to feel exhausted and frustrated with kids dancing on your head 24/7 and the never ending list of chores. Which is why i have put together this Quick list for you all to stay busy, have fun and make the most of your time while Quarantined.

  1. Clean Together ; One of the exhaustimg elements of having everyone at home at the same time is the constant cleanups that need to be done
  2. Have A Schedule For The Day; Setting up a schedule and routine for the new normal will help everyone know what to expect and you won’t be shouting out instructions all day long.
  3. Change Up Your Furniture Setting; let’s give the living room a face-lift, shall we?
  4. Give Your Room A Makeover ; Change the curtains, put up some decor items and fairy lights and you are good to go.
  5. Deep Clean Your House Together ; since everyone is at home, let’s do some deep cleaning.
  6. Make DIY decor with your kids; cute banners, fun centrepiece, walk art – you name it.
  7. Make a Mason Jar Vase with your kids ; easiest activity to set up and keep the kids busy.
  8. Grow some lemons together ; or anything else you fancy.
  9. Cook A Meal Together As A Family ; one pot dishes with a decadent dessert are our go to.
  10. Give Your Balcony A Makeover ; put up some cushions, a few plants, lots of fairy lights and Wow!!!.
  11. Enjoy Time In Your New Balcony ; bniw that your balcony is all revamped it’s time to spend a lot of time here.
  12. Take Up An Online Course ; let’s get into personal development.
  13. Do an at home Mani Pedi ; time for some self care, isn’t it?
  14. Play Board Games ; wohoo!!! Fun times.
  15. Make a Pizza Together ; don’t forget to invite me to the pizza party.
  16. Bake some Chocolate Cookies ; and dunk it in your chai or beverage of choice.
  17. Video chat with Family – keep checking in on your loved ones.
  18. Design cards for your family for when you meet them – or maybe do digital cards and send them straight away.
  19. DIY your own photo Album – a fun activity to get the whole family involved.
  20. Paint Together – embrace the mess.
  21. Make A Fort – ahhh such good old times.
  22. Exercise Together – let’s get everyone moving.
  23. Spend Time With Your Husband once the kids go to bed – very important to connect
  24. Look up Pinterest For Fun Activites to do with your kids – you can check out my board where I share toddler activities.
  25. Play Fun Games With Your Spouse – Focus on We time.
  26. Give Your Coffee Table A Makeover – get rid of the monotony
  27. Start Blogging – or any new hobby.
  28. Take Free Online Workshops – let’s develop some skills.
  29. Pretend Play With Your Kids – such a fun thing to keep your kids busy for hours.
  30. Be Creative – As much as you can to make the most of this time.

I hopw you found this helpful. Drop in your suggestions below and I will share them on my Instagram.

Stay home stay Safe,


The Inspired Ammi

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