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My Daily Routine For Staying Safe From Corona

Hi There!!!! I hope you all are fine and trying to stay strong during these times of self Quarantine. In all honesty, I have been having a bad time managing my anxiety. There have been days of overwhelm and anxiety, despite knowing that every thing is from Allah and He is truly the reliever of all pain. Every day in the past couple of weeks I would wake up with feelings of fear and uncertainty, until I decided it needed to change.

Being a Muslim, it is our belief that Allah has provided a cure for everything except for death and that His will and decree is the greatest. I decided that I need to give my routine an overhaul and bring it closer to the Seerah and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Ever since I have changed my routine and diet, I have started feeling so much better Alhamdulillah.

Here are some of the Spiritual rituals I have recently incorporated in my routine, and that have helped lessen my anxiety ;

Starting our day with duas

One of the first things we Have started doing as a family is to make morning and evening adhkar a part of daily routine. Through these duas we ask for Allah’s Protection from all kinds of illness and pandemic.

Incorporate foods mentioned in the Quran in our daily routine

We have started using honey, nigella seeds, dates, olive oil and turmeric in our daily routines. Our morning ritual starts with honey water with a pinch of turmeric. Honey has been mentioned in Sunnah and Seerah for its many benefits.

Listening to Quran Recitation

During the day while I am busy doing home chores I often find my mind wandering off to unknown places. Accompanying Quran recitations while I work has helped in soothing my heart. At times I often busy myself in dhikr and His Remembrance. This has helped me with my depression.

Staying in wuzu

Wuzu cleans a person. We have been making it a point to staying in Wuzu through the day. Cleaning the nostrils and washing your hands multiple times during wuzu helps to keep all infections and viruses at bay.

Places your trust in Allah

The most important thing is to tie your camel and place your trust in Allah.

I hope this helps.
Stay home, stay safe.
The Inspired Ammi

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