How Sahms Can Prepare For A Productive Ramadan

Welcome to our special Ramadan Interview series. These series are designed to bring you Ramadan related tips, tricks, and hacks from your favourite momfluencers .You can read more about how to prepare for Ramadan here. Today we have Saddaf Nouman of @ammiaurammar, she is an Instagram influencer and shares about cleaning, parenting and spirituality on her blog.

Assalamoalaikum Saddaf!!! How are you? I am so excited to have you here on the blog.Time flies so fast, doesn’t it??? We are less than 15 days from Ramadan!! What are your feelings about it?

AlhamduLillah,I am always so excited about Ramzan as, since the last five years, I get to celebrate it in a new house each year.It makes my heart bursts with joy that Allah swt keeps giving me opportunity to pray in multiple places that will testify in my favour on the day of judgement insha’Allah.Also, celebrating Ramzan in gulf countries is a different and beautiful experience which adds up to my excitement.

So tell me how do you prepare for Ramadan???

I believe in preparing for Ramzan both physically and spiritually. By physically I mean cleaning ,organizing, and decluttering the kitchen and fridge. I also cook some savouries and make chutneys beforehand so that I can focus more on Ibaadah during this blessed month .in terms of Spiritual Preparation, I believe in getting your body and soul ready by keeping voluntary fasts at least once a week. This is not only a source of great rewards but also signals your body to adjust to the new Ramzan routine.

Mashallah you have such an adorable little son. How do you intend to involve him in Ramadan preparations and get him in the spirit of the Holy month?

I strongly believe in “children see children do” .Even when kids can’t talk they observe and understand things to a huge extent.So,I try to involve him in daily activities like getting ready for prayers and preparing for Iftar .We Also make him sit with us on iftar table,read duas aloud, and teach him about Allah swt and the importance of fast . Involving Ammar in putting up Ramadan decor has also served in getting him into the Ramadan Spirit. I also make him listen to different Surah recitations on YouTube and try to incorporate small duas in our routine. While Ammar doesn’t speak fully at this stage , He understands and copy everything we do.This would be our third Ramzan ; I pray that we both, as parent and child respectively, are able to make the most of it insha’Allah.

Aameen Saddaf! So a lot of mommies struggle with managing ibaadah in Ramadan with little ones around, what tips do you have with respect to that.

With kids it’s difficult to do it all and that’s okay; you are earning great rewards for your motherly duties and housekeeping too.
Ibadah is the essence of Ramzan.Completion of Quran can be easier if you divide the four parts of one Siparah into four or five prayers.You can read one part in one prayer,hence completing one siparah/day and eventually whole Quran in one month.If you have more time,read more so that you can easily catch up after those “special days”.
On another note,it’s even better if you read and understand Quran with translation.Tahajjud prayers are of great virtue, you can easily offer two rakah just after you wake up for Suhoor. Last but not least – last five odd nights – lailatul qadr are very important.Keep house chores related activities and cooking less, so that you have energy to pray in the night.SALATUL TASBEEH also called salatul layl is that one namaz not to be missed.If you are unable to do any other alongside ibadahs.Try reading duroods,astaghfar as much as you can.Avoid doing any iftar parties in those nights too.

Saddaf we are a fan of your cleaning and cooking stories on Instagram. Tell me how do you tune your cleaning and cooking routine for Ramadan.

Being a mother and living without any house help,its not practically possible to do it all.As far as house chores are concerned , I try to keep things light on myself.I do deep cleaning and decluttering of the whole house before the begining of Ramzan.I don’t clean each and everything on a daily basis ;detailed cleaning once in a while is enough.The main focus is prayers ,Quran and getting iftari ready on time.

As you know mommies are always looking for time saving cooking hacks, especially for Ramadan. What are your favourite meal prep hacks for Ramadan?

For food I make sure that I prepare and freeze at least 4-5 savoury items and freeze them, so I don’t end up draining my energy in the kitchen while fasting. The time and energy saved can be utilized doing other productive Ramzan related activities and ibadah.
Also I am not really a fan of iftari and dinner both together in a single day so I keep it simple. One eday is for full samouse,pakore,chat kind of day,the next day it would only be aloo gousht,pulao,biryani daal chawal day. Keeping one thing at a time helps avoid over eating and physical hard work both.

Jazakallah Saddaf!!! It was a pleasure to have you on the blog. I would love for you to end this session with a message for our readers.

My message :

I always say and endorse “one thing at a time” formula.There is no need to go hard on yourself.Take it easy and go with the flow. Prioritize your things.Do what you can do best.Don’t compare yourself with others.Ramzan is not a competition.It comes to cleanse our souls and we need to feed our souls not our bodies.

May Allah swt make us reach this blessed month with the acceptance of our fasts and ibadah.May we make the most of this month both physically and spiritually.Ameen♥️

Thanks for having me Sarah.

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