Ramadan Series — Managing Work From Home During Ramadan

Today in our Ramadan Interview Series we have Zareen Shoaib. Zareen is not only a super mom but an Instagram influencer, work from home mama and advocate of child safety.

Assalamoalaikum Zareen!!!! I am So excited to have you on the blog today. How are you and your family doing???

Walaikum as salaam Sarah, I am doing great Alhamdullillah and so is my family and kids. Thank you so much for inviting me to this amazing blog series that you started for Ramadan. I am equally excited for it.

We have grown up preparing for Ramadan in quite a different manner, this year with the pandemic things are obviously going to change. What are your feelings about it???

Pandemic is definitely getting to us big time but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. Ramadan preps in house would be the same of course, but there would be no more feasting on street food and bakery items . It used to be such a blessing to be able to offer Tarweeh prayers in an open space. This year , however it’s not going to be the same and I feel sad about it. While it’s just been a year, those days feel like a long lost memory. The Roza Khushaayi of kids, the Iftar Gatherings of family will be missed. We used to invite two sister in laws every weekend for gathering and would treat them with something unique in iftar. This year things would be different ; we would be video calling each other despite living so nearby. It’s upsetting but a necessary demand of the current situation.

Mashallah Zareen you are such a positive and inspiring person. You are an amazing mother to two kiddos, a wonderful wife and daughter in law. You also work from home and create amazing content for your blog. We just have one question – HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL????

I have been a self made woman since as long as I can remember.My father passed away while I was too young, and left us three sisters to explore the world and handle the matters ourself. Alhamdulillah life taught us great lessons and made us good human beings. I have nursed my babies while working from home at the same time, and this has been my strength . So it’s nothing new for my kids to see me working. Except for when they are unwell, my kids have Alhamdulillah been very cooperative. Along the way blogging came out as a passion, and Alhamdulillah I have been able to juggle my relationships and responsibilities pretty well. Or let’s just say I try to, it’s all about setting your priorities right.

So this year a lot of people will be working from home during Ramadan due to the pandemic. Working mommies are especially quite skeptical about the ensuing scenario. What are your tips for working from home during Ramadan?

Working from home during the pandemic wouldn’t be much different for me since I have been working from home since forever. I read a Juz after every namaz in Ramadan and this has been a part of my Ibadah. I try to prepare things a night before and also have frozen items for the next day’s Iftar, this way things keep running smoothly and I don’t feel overburdened . I also try and prepare for the Sehri a night before rather than procrastinating till the eleventh hour. Working in 2-3 hour blocks with one hour breaks in between has what worked for me. At times I take help from my In-laws and why not!!! Alhamdullillah they are helpful.

Zareen we are a fan of your positive parenting approach. A lot of mommies seem struggle with managing kids, especially during Ramadan. What are your top tips?

The tip is to keep your cool. I know it’s hard specially these days – if you lose it, please apologise. If you are about to lose it, walk away – to your garden or terrace and take deep breaths in and out quite a few times. Thisexercise helps me a lot and don’t forget to wash your face as it cools you down too. Kids are equally frustrated and would do anything to seek attention. Remember it’s because of these kids that you can stay sane during these difficult times. Our kids are a blessing as they spread their innocent laughter around us and make us forget all the worries of the world, Alhamdulillah for them.

Jazakallah Zareen for being a part of Ramadan series. I would love for you to end this session with a message for our lovely readers.

I would like to end by saying that Sabr, Shukr and Astaghfaar are the ultimate key to keep you sane. It helps you understand that whatever Allah does there is a reason unknown behind it but better days are to come. Inshallah.

Happy Ramadan!

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