How to Fast in Ramadan While Pregnant or lactating

Pregnant and fasting???? No way!!! Breastfeeding and fasting??? No way!!!

This has been the most common response I have received and I have given before I actually did it.

Yes!! You heard me right. I have fasted at seven months of pregnancy and also while breastfeeding my 6 months old, and it is not that difficult. However, of course if you have any medical complications or your doctor refrains you from doing so then by all means don’t feel pressurised. But if you are healthy and have a fairly good diet then following a few tips and tricks you can easily make it through the Ramadan fasts.

A good diet is must

Keeping a good diet is extremely important and so is maintaining adequate levels of hydration. During my pregnancy I made sure my diet was rich in calcium rich products – Oats, milk, yogurt, Almonds were staples in my diet. Especially my Suhoor menu was strictly restricted to these items, seasonal fruits and lots of water.

Steer clear from fried items and spices.

I won’t lie, I love me some Desi spicy Chaat and pakoras drenched in chutneys. However, as a pregnant /lactating mother its more than sensible to stay away from the deep fried, spice laden iftar delicacies. These yummy goodness may transport you to cloud 9, but don’t help much in terms of fulfilling your nutritional requirements. Infact an overdose of these savouries can make you feel dehydrated, constipated and congested – all things we don’t want.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

I can’t emphasise how important it is to keep yourself hydrated. Everytime my water supply would dwindle during pregnancy and breastfeeding I would start feeling thirsty midway through my fast. Clearly not an ideal situation. So I came up with this formula of one glass every half hour post Iftar until Sehri during my waking hours. While this did meant more trips to the loo (yikes!!!!) it kept me hydrated and did wonders for my overall health.

Eat supply boosting foods

OK so while there is no scientific evidence to back this up, but the mommy gang of our community swears by coconut and semolina for boosting supply. And since I am a believer I did make sure I had some semolina pudding sprinkled with lots of coconut in Suhoor. It didn’t hurt that I actually loved having it.

Have sincere intentions

Do you want to know the truth??? I was skeptical of fasting both while Pregnant and while lactating. But a relative of mine said some really sage words to me, she said to me that my intention is what will make it happen. She told me that if I truly and sincerely intend to fast then Allah would make it possible for me. And if even after my sincere intention I am unable to fast then that is Allah’s will. And Alhamdulillah this has been so true, when you have the sincere intention Allah makes things easier for you.

Minimise your house chores

Your #1 goal when Fasting while Pregnant /lactating is to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated. This means minimum to no exertion during the fasting hours. Meal prepping before hand and keeping Simplistic menus and cleaning routines helped me sail through my fasts.

Don’t pressurise yourself

One last thing ; remember that everybody is different. Some people have it easier than others and not all pregnancies are the same. Remember your health and your baby’s health is of utmost importance. So listen to your body and don’t pressurise yourself.

Have a wonderful Ramadan.


The Inspired Ammi

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