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My Top Tips For surviving with a newborn and toddler

If you have been wondering why I suddenly went MIA well that’s because I had been secretly preparing for the arrival of baby number 2.

Now Alhamdulillah it’s been a month of navigating life with a baby and toddler in tow. I am finally able to get some time during the wee hours of the night to reunite with my love of writing. So I decided to share with you some tips for managing life with a toddler and baby.

Psst!!! Life with two under two can be a chaotic affair, many tantrums and lots of tears but it’s also the time you are going to cherish the most in your life.

Accept help

In the initial post delivery days every body is pretty keen to lend in a helping hand. I have had cousins dropping by some yakhni and panjeeri, and friends happily volunteering to babysit the toddler, the baby and sometimes both. Now is the time to accept all such offers as you try and settle yourself and your toddler to this new change.

Go Online

Thank god for ecommerce and ridiculously huge sales!!!! Had it not been them you would have seen me and my kids in rags because who has the time to go shopping. And can we just take a minute to appreciate the online grocery shopping that have made life so much easier. Definitely, switching to online shopping has been a huge time saver and stress reliever.

Write it down

With two kids and barely any sleep don’t trust your mom brain to remember each and everything. I like to have a pocket notebook by me all the time to jot down any important stuff that crosses my mind. It saves me from the hassle of having to remember all the big little things.

Invest in some toys

I see a lot of mommies getting all sort of cute and fuzzy little things for their babies. I, however, am of the opinion that the baby won’t be remembering that expensive play gym you got him from Italy. Your toddler however would remember every little detail from this new change in their life. So invest in some good quality, multipurpose toys for your toddler. This won’t only make your little one happy but would also keep them busy, saving you from the constant hassle of keeping them entertained while you are busy with the baby.

Nap times in sync

This has been a total game changer for me. I have worked on my toddler’s sleeping schedule to make sure the three of us can get some shut eye during the lazy afternoons. Sometimes I sleep with the kiddos and get in some much needed rest and some times I get some chores out of the way.

Meal planning and prepping

Ever since I had my first child I have become a huge fan of meal prepping and make ahead meals. They save you time and energy on the busy weekday and are a blessing on those crazy growth spurt days. On a weekend when your kids are happily settled with your husband, take out some time to make some frozen parathas, roast some chicken for later use and whip up some one pot meals to freeze for the week.

That’s it by me, what are some of the tips you swear by for surviving with a newborn and toddler. Share in the comments below.

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