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My secret to happiness as a mom of two under two

Being a mama of a baby and toddler is no easy feat. There are days when I feel like a headless chicken running to and fro between the baby, the toddler and the mister. Often I raise up my hands and hide inside the loo to hold on to a few moments of calm and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, i love my family and kids but hey!! I want a breather too.

In my initial days as a mama of two under two, I felt frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. However, two months down and I am definitely a happier mama who has things under control.

Want to know my happy secret????


yes, waking up earlier has been a complete game changer for me. Every morning, after a night interrupted with multiple feeding session, I would keep pressing the snooze button until all hell broke loose. I soon realised that pressing the snooze button was actually the culprit behind my frazzled self. Once I figured this out I started trying waking up before everyone else. I won’t lie, the first morning was terrible. But with each morning as I started to get in some quiet time and sip on my tea while it was still hot it started seeming worthwhile. The extra minutes in the morning helped me plan and organise my day. By the time my kids were up, lunch and dinner would be up on the stove and I would be ready to give them my undivided attention.

Share in the comments what’s your number one tip for staying happy and calm as a mama.

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