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5 secrets for a speedier csection recovery

“My God!!! You must be kidding me!!! You don’t look like you had a C-Section “That’s what the nurse said to me on the second day of my csesar while I was walking around the corridor.

Even today people find it hard to believe that I just had my second csesar in less than two years. And I attribute my good health to a wonderful support system and best practices. In all honesty when I got to know about my second pregnancy I was extremely scared. My daughter had just turned one and a second csection in less than two years seemed more than daunting. I knew that this time round I need to be stronger and healthier than ever. So i incorporated healthy habits during my pregnancy and followed some tried and tested tips post my csection to recover real fast.

1. Start Early

I knew I was going to have a csection so I made sure I had a healthy diet and active lifestyle during my pregnancy. To be honest, I didn’t had to put in much effort in staying active as my daughter would keep me on my toes all day. As for my diet, of course I would indulge but I made sure it was mindful indulgence. Home cooked food, fresh fruits and lots of water constituted my daily diet.

2. Walk Alot

Post csection the one thing that’s going to help you the most is walking, walking and walking. When fellow mamas would see me walking in the hospital corridor they would assume that I had no pain. Oh how wrong they were!!!. Walking after a fresh cesarean hurts like hell, after all its a major surgery. However, the more you walk the more your muscles would recover.

3. Simple diet

Yes you may be itching to get that rasgulla in your mouth, but now is not the time to do so. Your diet post csection plays a huge role in your recovery. Lots of fluids and fibre rich food is key since you absolutely don’t want to get constipated. Less oil and spice, more fresh fruits and veggies, and an adequate amount of mince in your diet will ensure a speedy recovery.

4. Posture is key

Bending forward is the worst thing you can do for your incision. You need to keep a good posture and avoid kneeling forward. Investing in good nursing pillows can save you from putting too much pressure on your incision site. The more you care now the more your body will thank you later.

5. Deep breathing

Your muscles need oxygen to recover fast. Deep breathing exercise not only provides them with oxygen but also helps in circulation. Try doing deep breathing exercise multiple times a day for speedier recovery.

That’s it from me fellas, what tips do you have?

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