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Pregnancy Diet tips for a healthy baby

Ughhhh those days of pregnancy!!!! I could have hibernated for the whole of nine months !!!! (Anybody in the same boat ???)

Among the many khatti meethi things that I craved paani Puri made it to the top of the list. But sadly, my love for Pani Puri was apparently not approved by the foetus growing inside of me and after an indulgent paani Puri session I found myself on the hospital bed thanks to severe diarrhea.

First time pregnancy can be pretty confusing because you aren’t much informed , end up listening to everyone and believing all the myths.So here are a few tips from me that will hopefully help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

  1. No need to eat for two.’s only in the third trimester that you need to up your calorie intake by 460 cal
  2. Hydration is key , so in short paani ziada as ziada piye.
  3. Indulging once in a while is ALRIGHT. Ji Sahi suna aap ne ! Having a coke or an ice cream Kabhi kabharr isn’t going to do you any harm.
  4. You need to up your calcium , iron and folic acid intake. Simple ways you can do that is by having 3-4 tbsp yoghurt daily , regular milk intake , spinach and cheese omlette , apples and oats.
  5. Always have fruits handy . It helps to satiate those meetha cravings and also saves you from feasting on not so healthy snacks.
  6. No papaya , pineapple because they have enzymes that can cause miscarriage during pregnancy .
  7. Sooji ki feerni is the best addition to your diet (during and after pregnancy)for keeping energy level high and ensuring good supply.
  8. Stay active as much as you can . Take regular walks within and outside your home , and try to maintain your activity level as it was before pregnancy.

I hope that was helpful , do let me know about some of the myths you heard during pregnancy?????

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